Online Sex and Camming Confessions

I’m a cam girl.  I have been for a while now and I still grope for the right words to say at any given moment. I recently told you about texting, sexting and role play.  I have learned what to finally do with my hands while I cam. If you want to know that, you’ll have to arrange a session with me.  (wink)

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Squirting Orgasm Fact or Fiction?

You can’t be on the platforms for sex workers without the question coming up, “Can you squirt?” Believe me, I have had to answer it many times. I do not squirt unless you count when I am wearing my Lush.  When I pull that out I bring a little flood of juices with it.  That’s as close as I have come personally. Continue reading “Squirting Orgasm Fact or Fiction?”


What’s This About a GFE Package?

A GFE package,  A Girlfriend Experience, oh, those are lovely things in the world of sex workers. For seven lovely days, you are the Online girlfriend of an attentive man. A man that has thought enough about you to pay for the week-long experience. It entails bringing kisses, pictures, snuggles, and warm passionate fuzzies to a man that has chosen you over all the other sex workers. He has decided you are worth his investment. The boundaries are set at the beginning so that at the conclusion everyone is satisfied.

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Adam Levine Steals the Show with Shirt Off Moment.

I admit Adam is hot, I mean he has worked hard on his body and should show it on every occasion. He didn’t fail me during the super bowl. His shirt had to come off. His was ten times better than Miss Janet Jackson Nip slip.  That’s right, I ‘m nasty, Miss Jackson. Continue reading “Adam Levine Steals the Show with Shirt Off Moment.”


Where’s Marilyn?

I toss on my blond short fifties style wig and I find Marilyn looking back at me from the mirror. True I don’t have her petite figure, I am like Marilyn up two sizes. You know like when you buy Asian clothing and you have to go up two sizes to fit into them? That’s how I rock Marilyn. I’m what Marilyn would be if her acting career had not taken off and her life not ended so young.

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Lights Camera Action

Life as a cam girl has a way of making you shower fast, apply lipstick constantly, and be dressed sexily, and ready to hit camera in a moments notice. It is exhilarating and it is frustrating because sometimes I just want to laze about in my old robe and gown.

When I am on I am on. I am in for all I am worth. I have been paid well to perform and I will be that sultry woman he expects.  I  pucker my juicy cranberry lips for him and blow him a kiss as we start in order to assure him I am his for the moment.

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Sex Workers’ Foe: The Time Waster

When you’re a sex worker, your time is valuable. You’re paid by the minute so that means every minute you spend with a potential client is comp time. But usually, that investment is worth the effort.

Taking five minutes to share a menu and perhaps a live face pic, you see as an investment. When the potential begins asking you about dating possibilities, children, their names ages and career goals, you might have wandered into the land of the time waster.

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Call to Action: Where do you promote Erotica online?

HI guys,  I need some help. I have a great story to share and am not sure where to promote it. I have gotten some good word of mouth traffic, but I want to kick it up more and include reviews.

Erotica writers? Where can I share my blurb or request reviews? I am not usually an erotica writer so I am flying blind.

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Thank you For Purchasing Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker

Quite a few copies of both paperback and kindle have been purchased and I so appreciate it. I will be happy to provide a plate to anyone that wishes to have a signed copy.  If you prefer a signed copy then you can contact me directly through this forum and I will ship directly from here.

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Locating Kiki Silk for a fun and sexy Session

If you want to be part of my online adventure, then look at my contact page where you’ll find how to contact me and see my menu. I am ready and waiting for a little fun. I offer so many services on the platform and you are welcome to join in.

Domme services, cam 2 cam sessions, sexting, plus regular and fetish pics and videos are there for the taking. My group is willing to take you in and share the pleasures we have to offer. Meet the girls from the book. Enjoy some one on one time with us all.

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Who am I?

I’m Vicarious Silk. I am a writer that also happens to be a sex worker. I am here to confess to my life online with men of all ages and persuasions. It is a fun life and it is an exciting life. I hope you’ll share the journey with me.

Be prepared to meet some fun people along the way.

I’m going to share stories both fact and fiction. A writer that is a sex worker loves to use her artistic license.

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